Predictive modeling Web analytics Text mining

Our approach to data mining, CRM and Database Marketing projects is characterized by our focus on the need of our customers. We use available data and collect if necessary data by investigating to produce meaningful and actionable results. We strive to apply powerful and update statistical techniques and the right tools to the right data sources so that our analyses do help customer to attend his goals.

Descriptive and Predictive modeling

With our predictive modeling services, business can understand their existing situations and best predict the probability of an outcome. Our predictive model experts’ use a number of complicated and innovative theories to predict the prospects of an outcome based on available data and help CEOs to take critical decisions.

  • (statistical) data mining; knowledge discovery in databases; large-scale data analysis; clinical data mining; adverse events data mining; safety data mining;
  • unsupervised and supervised learning from data; unsupervised and supervised knowledge discovery;
  • analytical customer relationship management (analytical CRM - aCRM);
  • enterprise analytics; predictive analytics; business analytics;
  • customer analytics; marketing analytics; supply chain analytics;

Text mining

The text mining is the application of traditional data mining techniques on the corpus. Most of time, ‎information are typically derived through texts.‎ Text mining helps you extirpate hidden information within your documents.

Words can be more informative if you know how to read through them. At DAG, we use a ground-breaking combination of text categorization & clustering, taxonomies, concept extraction, sentiment analysis, document summarization, relation modeling and let you know what should be your next course of action to make your business standout in the crowd.

Network mining

Graph mining is techniques to extract useful knowledge from structured data that can be represented as a graph. DAG expert use graph mining and network analytics approach to help you understand community behavior.

Web mining

Web mining is the integration of information gathered by traditional data mining techniques and methodologies with information gather over web. Through the web mining, DAG’s expert can help you understand customer behavior and quantify the success of a marketing campaign. 

Web analytics is used to measure, collect, analyze, and present different types of internet data to better understand and optimize web usage. At DAG, we have a team of professional analytics experts who can help you to optimize your website and your online presence.

  • web analysis; web mining: web content mining, web structure mining and web usage mining;
The principals software we use are Weka, R, RapidMiner, Octave, Matlab; Spss, SAS Enterprise Miner, Tanagra