Applied Statistics

Applied statistics plays a vital role in processing all kinds of information and plot them into meaningful scenarios. This sophisticated tool helps the businesses to analyze and explain available information which is becoming important to everyone. Our experts in Applied Statistics use a diversified collection of principles and techniques for collecting and processing information in different industries and need. They have been helping people to critically think about data collection and analysis, apply statistical tools, draw conclusions from sample data, and also communicate the findings to common people with no knowledge on statistics. 

We have competency in the following applied statistics
  • Data visualization; exploratory data analysis;
  • Statistical data analysis; statistical modeling;
  • Multivariate data analysis; linear or nonlinear regression analysis;
  • Categorical data analysis; analysis of longitudinal data;
  • Survival analysis;
  • Robust statistics;
  • Resampling methods and their application;
  • Nonparametric statistics;
  • Computer-intensive statistical methods;
  • Bayesian statistics;