Bongolan Vincent

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An exceptional Statistical Analysis, Creative and Analytical skills in Research Design and Methodology is my mastered areas of competencies. The foundation of these competencies has been developed by my vast and wide array of exposures to Research and Statistics earned from my educational as a graduate of Applied Statistics and professional background as a Statistician from different firms . I am currently attached to the Arellano University where I do act as University Statistician handling different research concerns of the students, faculty, staff and administration of all the university campuses. I am also a member of the different professional organizations in the country such as the SPSS Philippines Constitutions of Users, the Philippine Statistical Association, Inc. (PSA), Philippine Association of Institution of Research, Inc. (PAIR). I have been a statistics and research consultant for more than 8 years and I have been catered different industries such medicine and other medical allied areas, business, hospitality and tourism and many others areas where statistical applications are highly regarded. I have also catered some government and non-government agencies in the country. Being a freelance Statistical Consultant, I have already catered different students and professionals from other universities and colleges here and abroad. aside from my physical job as University Statistician, I am also working via online as Statistical Consultant. My profile online will give insights of my personal, academic and professional background. I am also a book author on research and statistics which was published in all branches of National Bookstore distributed by Booklore Publishing Corporation. I also have helped other professionals in publishing their works in the international journal publications. QUALIFICATIONS A. Research Strengths * Surveys and Public Opinion Research * Focus Groups Discussion * Online consumer research * Quantitative Research Analysis * Qualitative Research Analysis * Triangulation Method * Nursing and Medical Research Analysis * Accounting and Business Research Analysis * Construction of Questionnaire * Research Design * Sampling Technique * Publications of Journals B. Statistical Techniques
Work experience
2005-07-20 - 2005-06-20 Company Statistician Manila Teachers' Savings and Loans Association

2007-07-02 - 2013-04-06 University Statistician Arellano University

2013-04-16 - 0000-00-00 Sr. Statistical Operations Analyst, Measurement Science The Nielsen Company

Competencies and interests
Microsoft Office, Microsoft Office
Competency Year acquired Year last used Years of work experience Rating
Microsoft Office 1990 2013 40

Microsoft Office 1990 2013 40

Master in Applied Statistics, 2009-10-04, Applied Stitsitics
Bachelor in Applied Statistics, 2004-04-23, Applied Stitsitics
Bachelor of Laws, 2007-03-23, Laws