Jason Moore

I had already hired and started an Odesk worker on my project before Data Analytics Group applied for my job-post but I was uncertain of the reliability of my choice, so I kept Data Analytics Group’s application as a backup as his resume spoke of a highly competent consultant in the field of Data Mining. My instincts proved correct and my first choice began to show signs of failure. At the closing week he suddenly abandoned the project having made little progression, though he had led me to believe a lot of ground had been covered. Justin accepted the challenge to start the project from scratch and dove straight in producing obvious progression from the first day. His impressive pace continued through to the finish and he delivered a piece of work which only an expert in their field could produce, and within the very tight time constraints. Justin proved that not only is he proficient with the practical workings of the subject but can report on the theory behind it with remarkable knowledge. Moreover, during those tense moments at the edge of the deadline when that one unexpected and previously un-encountered error arise, this man keeps his composure, his patients, his good manner and his dug-in commitment doesn’t waiver. These are the moments when only a true professional has the ability and commitment to save the day. When you require someone to complete the job to the highest level in all aspects of a project, I can confidently recommend Justin knowing that he can offer the proficiency required to deliver accordingly.


Jason Moore - CEO